CCG statements on remaining 2019/20 funds

Published 10 March 2020

A round-up of statements from CCGs with remaining 2019/20 funds under NHS England schemes.

NHS Bedfordshire CCG

  • Online consultation – £121,002 (available to practices that wish to use Engage Consult system)

NHS Bedfordshire CCG declined to comment

NHS Dudley CCG

  • Practice resilience – £1,000

CCG statement: Dudley CCG is committed to supporting practices to become more sustainable and resilient. As at January there was £1k remaining of the £10k which Dudley CCG had received under this scheme, and this balance will be allocated to applying practices with the greatest need by the end of the year.

NHS East and North Hertfordshire

  • GPFV – Reception and Clerical Training – £47,000
  • GPFV – Online Consultation Development – £32,000

CCG statement: A spokesperson for East and North Hertfordshire CCG, said: ‘There are two sections of NHSE funding for the General Practice Forward View (GPFV) that GPs in East and North Hertfordshire can still access.

‘With regards to the GPFV funding for online consultation we have an implementation programme to fully deploy online consultations for all E&N Herts practices; part of which is to provide practices with support funding to facilitate implementation, recognising the time commitment on practice staff.

‘The other portion of GPFV funding is for reception and clerical staff training. We have organised a comprehensive programme of training courses for practices, as well as supported practice implementation of care navigation and workflow optimisation workstreams.  Practices have been invited to advise the CCG of any further requirements.

‘Funding will be used to support these work programmes going forward into 20/21, including supporting the development of video consultations by April 2021.’

NHS Gloucestershire CCG

  • GP Retainer scheme – £34,259
  • GPFV GP Development reception and clerical training – £27,252

CCG statement: As with all NHSE funding streams of this kind, we are actively communicating with our GP practices and PCNs to ensure that we maximise opportunities to utilise the funding during this period. Practices in our area have a strong track record for innovation and new ways of working and continue to make significant progress in this regard.     

NHS Halton CCG

  • Reception and clerical training – £22,000

CCG statement: The CCG’s Primary Care Team is working with the Primary Care Networks to develop a plan that outlines the commitment of this resource.  Following the implementation of a successful programme, driven by local Practice Managers, to implement care navigation and standardised document management process the intentions are to transfer funding to the PCNs supported by an agreed delivery plan.

A spokesperson for NHS Halton CCG said: ‘NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group’s Primary Care Team works closely with local practices to ensure that all Practices are involved, and have driven, the decision making processes regarding how allocated resources have been invested.  With the development of Primary Care Networks across the borough, the emphasis has moved to how they can lead on such investment decisions going forward. 

‘Any Halton Practice that wishes to access funding steams such as GP retention, Reception and Clerical Training, Online consultation software systems or GP Access initiatives is both invited and encouraged to raise their request with their local CCG Primary Care Team, and respective Network Leads, who will continue to work collaboratively on plans for their application.’

Hounslow CCG

  • Reception and Clerical – £51,000

CCG statement: Funding from NHS England for receptionist and clerical roles is currently unspent rather than unallocated, it is used against our annual plan for training.  

It can be used by practices to support the development of administration staff, we have already invested in areas such an active signposting, business management and clinical systems. For those interested, we are also running a programme that supports GP practice receptionists to become healthcare assistants.

As with all of the training programme schemes, practices can contact the CCGs with suggestions or areas of need and we will judge how best to utilise the funding available. It is worth noting that because there are only small amounts of money available we do not routinely fund individual practices for any schemes.

NHS Lincolnshire West CCG

  • GPFV – GP Retention – £100,000
  • GPFV – Reception and clerical – £133,000

NHS Lincolnshire West CCG declined to comment

NHS North Cumbria CCG

  • GPFV – £1.40 per head funds – £136,000

CCG statement: A spokesperson for NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group said: ‘Previous applications already approved include investments as broad as staffing for Frail Elderly Teams, Document Management Systems and Pilot Telemedicine Projects. We are working with our Primary Care Network leaders to support them to determine how to utilise this resource most effectively and those conversations are ongoing.’

NHS Shropshire CCG

  • New to practice programme – general practice nurse fellowships – £87,500

CCG statement: NHS Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has received funding of £87,500 from NHS England to support newly qualified General Practice Nurses. 

Given that the CCG’s member practices do not have significant numbers of newly qualified nurses, NHSE/I have agreed to the CCG’s plans to use over half of this funding in the 2019/20 financial year on leadership training for existing General Practice Nurses.

The remaining funding will be used next financial year to support the recruitment of newly-qualified General Practice Nurses from July/August onwards, with practices asked to submit expressions of interest over the next few weeks.

NHS Surrey Heartlands CCGs (Surrey Downs, North West Surrey and Guildford and Waverley CCGs)

  • GPFV – GP Retention – £181,0000

CCG statement:Surrey Heartlands’ CCGs and the Strategic Workforce Board are currently working on plans to utilise these funds to support recruitment and retention, and will update its members accordingly.

NHS Surrey Heath CCG

  • GPFV Online – £42,000
  • GPFV – Retention – £75,000

CCG statement: There is national guidance for the use of this funding. This is summarised below:  

GPFV Online: schemes to ensure that all practices are able to offer online consultations by April 2020 and video consultations by April 2021.

GPFV Retention: this funding supports initiatives designed to support help doctors who may otherwise leave the profession and allow them to remain in general practice. This can involve educational and training support, looking at portfolio career options, mentoring and support.

Practices are aware of this and can access the funding through their CCG.

The type of support and activities can be found at

NHS Trafford CCG 

  • GP Excellence – £28,000

CCG statement: The GP Excellence Programme is a partnership between the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) and the RCGP, designed to support and improve practices to meet the needs of the population.  The partnership support GM wide initiatives and local CCG/practice plans.

Trafford CCG is working in partnership with local practices, PCNs and other key stakeholders to implement the primary care strategy and develop a sustainable, place-based model.  As part of this, we have agreed to utilise this additional resource of 28k in 2019-20, to deliver a Trafford programme to strengthen the primary care workforce, with a focus on:

GP Training – supporting and training existing GPs to become GP Trainers

Preceptorship programme – supporting and training existing nurses to become practice nurses and further developing a Trafford wide Practice Nurse Forum

NHS Waltham Forest CCG

  • ETTF (Estates and Technology Transformation Fund) – £399,000
  • International Recruitment Programme Funding – £79,000
  • GP Retention – STP Funding – £60,000
  • Practice Resilience – STP Funding – £4,382

CCG statement: All GPs were invited to nominate their practice (or a group of practices) to access resilience funding or support in 2019/20 in line with the approach agreed with Londonwide LMC. Priority has been given to practices facing the most significant challenges in relation to their immediate or future stability and which would benefit from improving their resilience to meet these challenges. Working with the LMC, the NEL STP (East London Health and Care Partnership) and the CCGs have sought to identify practices which could benefit from funding using certain nationally-set criteria. In addition, all practices were given the opportunity to submit their own perspective and rationale to be included in the programme. This might include, for example: the impact of long-term vacancies and difficulties with recruitment; recent or imminent mergers with another practice; recent or imminent list dispersals; material loss of income; significant increases in workload; practice growth and development due to population growth.

All practices and PCNs in Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest are able to access GP retention and recruitment scheme funding/support via their local GP federations and training hubs which work collaboratively at an individual borough level and more widely across east London with their CCGs’ primary care teams (this work involves Tower Hamlets CCG, Waltham Forest CCG and Newham CCG) to deliver the schemes. Funds are used to support GP retention fellowships and other related schemes.

The International GP Recruitment offer is a national offer with agreed vetting process for non-training practices. Practices which wish to host an IGP have to be approved by regional Health Education England Primary Care team and local borough-based training hubs. This process ensures IGPs are properly supported in new primary care settings while also guaranteeing an increase in capacity in primary care to take on more trainees. Overall retention of IGPs and GPs in the local area is helped by having supportive training environments.

NHS Warrington CCG

  • GPFV Reception & Admin Training – £37,000

CCG statement: The CCG’s Primary Care Team is working with the Primary Care Networks to develop a plan that outlines the commitment of this resource.

NHS West Essex CCG

  • Extended Hours Access – £193,000
  • Practice Resilience Programme – £31,000
  • GDP Reception and Clerical Training – £54,000
  • GDP Online Consultation Software – £42,000

CCG statement: West Essex CCG has plans to spend all of the funding allocated by NHS England. These projects are all being managed centrally by the CCG. The link below from the NHS England website provides more information on the GPFV funding schemes:

How we obtained the funding information

Figures come from responses to the following Freedom of Information request sent to 190 CCGs in England in January 2020:

Please could you provide the following under the Freedom of Information Act:

– A list of NHS England national funding schemes (separate from funding covered by the GMS/PMS/APMS contract and any enhanced services) that are available at each of your CCGs, for GP practices to access in 2019/20.

Please indicate how much funding is still available (as yet unallocated) for GP practices to access under each scheme for 2019/20 (please provide the latest figure available and specify the date at which this is correct).

Out of 161 responses received, 17 CCGs have reported they have remaining 2019/20 funds.

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