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QOF refocus: Points recycled into immunisations and screening

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The refocusing of QOF to get practices to concentrate on expanding flu vaccinations and catching up on cervical screening will see a doubling of points in these areas, with the extra points recycled from ‘income protected’ indicators.

According to an update from the BMA GP Committee (GPC), the points for flu vaccinations and cervical smear indicators will be doubled to a total of 58.

Meanwhile points for other areas that practices will be expected to report on remain the same – at 74 for the delivery of modified Quality Improvement domain indicators on early cancer diagnosis and learning disabilities, 44 for prescribing indicators and 81 for disease registers.

However, the value of remaining indicators that practices will not have to actively report reduce from 339 to 310. The GPC said these would be paid based on historical activity – and urged practices to continue to deliver good quality care in these areas to demonstrate this is ‘not dependent on contractual requirements’.

The circular stated: ‘QOF guidance to support this approach will be produced very soon but in summary the points relating to influenza and cervical smear targets will be doubled to 58, the points for quality improvement (74), prescribing indicators (44) and disease registers (81) will remain the same and the other indicators (310) will have income protection.’

It added: ‘Income related to this element of QOF will be paid based on historic achievement. We are working on how that will be calculated. We would encourage practices to use their professional judgement in their management of patients with long term conditions, to do what they can within their capacity and capability over the coming months, and by doing so demonstrate that, even at times such as this, the delivery of good quality care is not dependent on contractual requirements.’

The following table summarises how the points have been reallocated:

QOF area2020/21 ContractCOVID-19 adjustmentEffect on indicators
Quality improvement7474Simplified
Immunisation and screening2958Modified
Disease registers8181No changes
Prescribing indicators4444No changes
Other indicators339310Protected

NHS England announced last week that QOF would be refocused to deliver an expansion of flu immunisations, and to restore certain other elements, and said details of how the work would be delivered and paid would be released ‘shortly’.

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