Almost all patient-facing GPs and staff have Covid vaccination

More than 95% of GP practice staff have now had two doses of Covid vaccine and 88% have had a third booster dose, the latest NHS figures show.

It is estimated that almost 29,500 of the 30,364 (97%) healthcare workers involved in direct patient care in general practice in England have now had at least one dose in the data collected between September 2021 and March 2022.

The figures show that 96.3% have had two doses and 88.2% also had a booster jab.

Rates are higher than those collected for NHS trusts which show 91% of healthcare staff having had one dose, 89% two doses and 69.2% three doses.

In March, the Government confirmed it would revoke the GP Covid vaccine mandate in England.

The health secretary had announced that GPs and their patient-facing staff would no longer be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19  – subject to a consultation and a House of Commons vote.

The DHSC also said it will ‘build on the existing work to support and encourage vaccine uptake’ as it ‘continues to be a clear professional responsibility of all health and social care staff to be vaccinated’.

It comes as NHS England revealed in April that around half of those invited to have a fourth – ‘Spring booster’ – Covid jab have taken up the offer.

And it said it was ‘urging the most vulnerable patients to book in for their spring boost without delay when they receive their invite’.

As previously published in our sister title, Pulse.

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