Giving you the tools and knowledge to maximise your practice’s financial potential and compare your performance against peers

  • Your practice’s financial health check
  • How does your practice compare?
  • Improve your QOF income
  • Expert advice and guides
  • Key funding deadlines
  • Analyse your PCNs
  • Local Enhanced Services

Maximise practice income

Analyse your practice’s NHS funding through your own personalised dashboard, showing your financial performance compared against your peers, CCG average, national averages. Benchmark your practice to identify areas where you can increase your funding and access guides from top primary care professionals on exactly how to gain access to these funding streams. 

Explore our practice comparison tool

Compare your practice’s financial performance against your peers, best performing peers, or any practice of your choosing. Discover how you measure up across 50+ funding streams, including QOF, enhanced services, and CCG allocations. 

Identify how to prioritise your QOF intelligently

We breakdown your QOF performance and identify any missed opportunities to ensure your practice is earning the maximum number of points, and subsequently reaping the benefits of higher financial rewards from NHS England.

Access a range of guides and content

Stay up-to-date on all important primary care insights through our library of over 150 expert written ‘how to’ guides and resources. Our resources cover an array of topics including education, the new GP contract, expenses and NHS England funding, with updates and new content uploaded regularly. 

Stay on top of funding deadlines

Allow us to ease the burden of having to keep track of approaching deadlines through your own calendar tool with upcoming key dates. Plan ahead and benefit from all available funding you may not already be receiving. 

Share intelligence &
improve your combined PCN performance

Bringing you a complete picture of all the newly formed PCNs, including each network size and member practices. View your own network member practices’ finances instantaneously, share intelligence and find out how you can improve your combined performance as a network.

Local Enhanced Services:
Information for every local enhanced service, improvement and incentive scheme available in each CCG, allowing you to see what services are offered and how much practices are paid to deliver them, with each specification available to download. We’ll also provide analysis of how funding varies for key services.

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