About us

Launched in 1960, Pulse is the leading publication for GPs in the UK and sits at the heart of a highly engaged audience of 44,000 GPs.

Our team of experts have been working with top primary care academics from the University of Manchester to develop an algorithm, which allows us to match your practice to other similar practices around the country. We then highlight ways in which you can maximise your own practice profits.

Using official NHS data, we have collected information on your income, staffing and practice demographics to provide a whole picture of your practice’s finances, and offer guidance articles, written by experts in their related fields, on how you can improve your funding.

We have also worked alongside specialists from the Primary Care Foundation to give you an independent view of how various non-GP roles could save you time and money.

Our aim, through Pulse Intelligence, is to provide you with all the resources to enable you and your practice to maximise your profits and run your practice more efficiently and productively.