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Investment and Impact Fund – flu vaccination targets

The Government has outlined how practice networks will be incentivised through the PCN DES to boost uptake of flu vaccinations in clinical risk groups. See our summary below and you can download details outlined in the flu reimbursement letter here and Investment and Impact Fund guidance here.

PCN coverage targets incentivised through the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) are detailed below.

IndicatorPointsTotal valueThresholds
VI-01: Percentage of patients aged 65 or over who received a seasonal influenza vaccination between 1 September and 31 March40  £9.0m80%-86%
VI-02: Percentage of patients aged 18 to 64 years and in a clinical at-risk group who received a seasonal influenza vaccination between 1 September and 31 March88 points£19.8m57%-90%
VI-03: Percentage of children aged 2-3 who received a seasonal influenza vaccination between 1 September and 31 March14 points£3.2m45%-82%


For each indicator, a PCN’s achievement payment equals its achievement points multiplied by the value of an IIF point (£200 in 2021/22), multiplied by a list size adjustment, multiplied by a prevalence adjustment.

Personalised care adjustment

The guidance indicates that this will apply to the flu vaccination indicators, in the same way it is used for QOF indicators – removing patients and any interventions they receive from the denominator for that indicator.

For example, for the first flu vaccination indicator – where a PCN has 1,000 patients aged 65 and over, of whom 600 received a seasonal flu vaccine, if GP IT systems record that 100 of the 1,000 patients were offered a seasonal flu vaccine but refused and it was also deemed clinically inappropriate to administer the seasonal flu vaccine to a further 100, then PCN performance in relation to indicator VI-01 would be 75% (= 600/800), not 60% (= 600/1,000).

See further detail about the IIF incentives, including payments and personalised care adjustments, coding requirements, and cohort definitions here.

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