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Regional average GP locum daily rates 2022

Our map shows how much locum pay varies across the country

Average GP locum day rates currently range from £600 to as much as £900, new data shows.

Statistics supplied to Pulse Intelligence reveal the disparity in locum pay across England. The figures do not include superannuation.

Out of the country’s 48 counties, average locum day rates are highest in Devon and Cornwall, where doctors are commanding rates of between £800 and £900. This exceeds pay in the capital where average daily rates in both Greater London and the City of London are £600 to £700, which are among the lowest in the country.

Since these are only regional averages, it means some locums will be on higher rates than shown and some lower.

Taking all these figures into account, the national average is around £727 and median pay is £725.*

The data is presented on our interactive map below so you can see the spread of pay rates and how much locum remuneration is in your local area.

Increasing locum costs are placing extra pressure on already tight budgets. And they are often practice’s biggest variable spend. To help you ensure your practice is using locums and locum spend as efficiently as possible, read our piece on How to make the most of a locum budget.

*To calculate the average and median, midpoint figures were used where appropriate.

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