QOF Quality Improvement modules for 2021/2022

The Quality Improvement domain is essentially a repeat of last year’s intended modules, on early cancer diagnosis and learning disabilities, with some minor additions in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. GP Dr Keith Hopcroft explains what the modules involve, including the updated requirements – and how to go about completing the work efficiently.

The Quality Improvement (QI) section of QOF was newly introduced in 2019/20, with its content due to change every year.

The two modules included last year for 2020/21 were on Early Cancer Diagnosis and The Care of People with a Learning Disability.

As a result of the pandemic, however, the requirements were subsequently adjusted and ultimately suspended altogether (though by then practices may have completed much of the work).

In light of this, NHS England agreed with the BMA GP Committee that these two modules are to be repeated in 2021/22 – in their original format, but ‘with some slight modifications to account for the impact of the pandemic on care’.

There is a surfeit of guidance on each module again this year, now with added information and qualifying statements to adapt the approach to the Covid-19 situation.   

There are 74 QOF points available, as before, and claims may need to be backed up by evidence of participation for verification purposes.

The structure of each module is also the same as last year, and will involve:

  1. A ‘diagnostic phase’ identifying possible areas for improvement 
  2. An improvement plan
  3. An implementation plan
  4. Participation in at least two PCN meetings (under the current circumstances, likely to be virtual meetings)
  5. Completion of a template for verification.

The below link to a summary and suggested timeline for each module.

Summary guide: Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Summary guide: Supporting People with Learning Disabilities

Dr Keith Hopcroft is a practising GP in Essex

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